What I do

Andromeda Lagos Nigeria would love to provide help to every business that asks for our expertise but we carefully choose clients that we work with. We only cover the hard to reach niches :

  • Law
  • Financial Markets
  • Health Industry
  • Education
  • Swimming
  • Confectioneries
  • Agriculture
  • Others (Based on our preference)

With our SEO experts in Lagos Nigeria we bring you targeted traffic to your website for conversion to clients

How I do it

We put you on the Google Map

We make google Robots happy with your website and its content

We make sure your articles get the attention of human and search robots

We setup your social media signals

We build great citations that are crawled by google bots


Where I live

Always on the move all over Nigeria.

  • Lagos,
  • Abuja,
  • Kano,
  • Kaduna,
  • Bayelsa,
  • Sokoto,
  • Ekiti,
  • Imo,
  • Enugu

Video Marketing and SEO

A collection of Videos that we currently rank on google.  New stories are published regularly. You may also order videos easily soon. We are a professional Search Engine Optimization agency in Lagos Nigeria


Nigeria is a land of beautiful landscapes. We have a canvas in our hands. With our Video and Digital marketing agency in Nigeria  we bring targeted traffic to your website.